Hamlet / Collage

Hamlet / Collage

Hamlet / Collage – after William Shakespeare

Director: Robert Lepage

Sets: Carl Fillion

Costumes: François St-Aubin

Sound & Music: Josuė Beaucage

Video:Lionel Arnould

This is the first Russian production of the legendary Canadian theatre director Robert Lepage. The preparations have lasted more than two years, and the result is a hi-tech show for a single actor and over twenty team members, from technicians and set directors, electricians, prop men, sound and image engineers.

Captive in a cube floating above the stage, Hamlet must impersonate in a row all characters of the Shakespearean play; he shall end up stabbing, poisoning and drowning himself. All the plots of the play are taking place in Hamlet’s imagination, and his character is revealed to the audience in his room in a mental institution. Robert Lepage and Evgeny Mironov have succeeded in creating a large-scale tragedy of the mind, which proved to be more disturbing than the tragedy of real life.

„Hamlet’s main issue is overthinking. His character uses his brain all the time. The skull is a powerful symbol of theatre and of Hamlet. For this reason, Shakespeare has created an important scene of the skull which, in the end, is human, represents a man’s head. Certainly, I do not hold the answers to my numerous questions. For this reason, I have deemed interesting to enact a play with a single actor, with the mind of an actor.” Robert Lepage

Photos made during the performance at the National Theatre Bucharest, at the National Theatre Festival (FNT) 2017.