MOEDER directed by Gabriela Carrizo (Peeping Tom, Belgium)

Moeder (Mother) (2016) is the second volume of a trilogy about the members of the family that opened with Vader (Father) (2014) and is closing with Kind (Child) (2019).

In Moeder, choreographer Gabriela Carrizo shows the body as a storehouse in which a multitude of conscious and unconscious recollections merge, collide, and define who we are. The work creates unexpected connections that thread the boundary between suffering, mourning, and celebrating, between holding on or letting go, structure and madness. Here, life and death can be art, showcased for all to see. Out of the flux of the individual memories of the director and performers – the matrix of the piece – a universal and collective memory shines through. And this memory triggers disturbing reflections on the meaning and responsibilities of being a woman, a mother, a parent.


Eurudike De Beul, Maria Carolina Vieira, Marie Gyselbrecht, Brandon Lagaert, Hun-Mok Jung, Yi-Chun Liu, Simon Versnel, Charlotte Clamens

Director and Choreographer : Gabriela Carrizo

Directorial Assistance and Dramaturgy : Franck Chartier

Set Design : Amber Vandenhoeck, Peeping Tom

Costume Design : Diane Fourdrignier, Kristof Van Hoorde (internship), Peeping Tom

Light Design: Giacomo Gorini, Amber Vandenhoeck