The Chairs / Les Chaises

The Chairs / Les Chaises

The Chairs / Les Chaises / Scaunele

By: Eugène Ionesco

Directed by: Gábor Tompa

Scenography & Costumes: Dragoș Buhagiar

Music : Rene Nuss

Cast: Oana Pellea, Patrick Le Mauff

Producer: Théâtre National du Luxembourg (Luxemburg)

In this play, Bertrand Poirot-Delpech saw in 1961 “the most accomplished of modern tragedies”. Ionesco’s third piece, created in 1952, is now a success that continues unabated.

The subject of the Chairs is, the author tells us, “the ontological void”: but it is also a personal drama, the mirror of a consciousness. We find the nostalgia of childhood, the feeling of guilt, the horror of old age and death. It is still a comedy that, very often, excites laughter with its clowneries, puns, parodies, pirouettes. It is a ballet: that of chairs piled up in the accelerated movement of a fantastic whirlwind, and which remain empty.